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Marriage Ministry 

Elder Troy Herbert, President

Missionary Karen Herbert, Co-President

To encourage spouses to operate in faith, forgiveness and favor, by providing fellowship opportunities that promote oneness.

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Women's Ministry

Minister Wanda Johnson, President

Minister Daisy Hopes, Co-President

The URCC Women’s Ministry mission is to help WOMEN achieve Wholeness through God’s love and guidance.  To help her Overcome her past and move gracefully into her future with God through mentorship for all ages.  

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Men's Ministry

Deacon Tim Mullins, President

Deacon Ty Hutchinson, Co-President

Bring men/boys closer to God through mentoring activities. Edify men of all ages by building their faith in God. Helping them to be better sons. father's, husband's and men.

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Missionary Ministry

Minister Carol Hendrix, President

Minister Masie Daley, Co-President

To support the church’s key services and to visit and keep in contact with the sick and shut in. To properly train missionaries for active duty both locally and for global missions.  


Youth Ministry

Evangelist Alicia Brathwaite, Youth Pastor

The Nehemiah Project / building better homes, communities, churches and schools. 

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Single's Ministry

Sis. Charlene Menefee, President

Sis. Natasha Polonco, Co-President

To fellowship with saved and unsaved individuals who are reaching for new spiritual growth, while learning love and edify one another.

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Christian Kindness In Action

Deaconess Diane Mullins, President

Missionary Karen Herbert, Co-President

We will display the love of Jesus Christ through action, by giving away food, clothing, and sharing the good news through various activities.

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Help's Ministry

Minister Shontai Thompson, President

Minister Natosha Collins, Co-President

To reach current and incoming members by demonstrating the power of inclusion, support and involvement. Helping all find their passion, purpose and place within the House of God. 1 Corinthians 12:12-31

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Caring Ministry

Minister Daisy Hopes, President

Bring men/boys closer to God through mentoring activities. Edify men of all ages by building their faith in God. Helping them to be better sons. father's, husband's and men.

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Daniel Academy

Evangelist Crystal Wise D.TH,  Director


Minister Daisy Hopes,  Co-Director

To Edify, Empower, and Equip by  (T)eaching the word of God, (E)ncouraging Hearts, (A)dvancing the kingdom, (C)hallenging Minds, and (H)onoring God.

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Audio/Visual Ministry

Charles Collins, President

Russell Thompson, Co-president

Evangelist Crystal Wise D.TH,  Director


Our mission is to provide transparent, efficient and quality sound and sight to each service. We believe in the work that is done to ensure that the audio and visual team creates works that demonstrates the Worship of Jesus Christ.

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Grounds & Facilities

Deacon Ty Hutchinson, President

Deacon Charles Oxley, Co-President

Evangelist Crystal Wise D.TH,  Director


To keep God's house ready for his worship by providing a safe and clean environment. By maintaining the church's buildings, property and facilities through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.


The Usher Board

Sis. Diane Boyd, President

Bro. Bob Kosswig, Co-President

Be A Faithful Doorkeeper- Minimizing distraction and providing a spiritual atmosphere, where all feels welcome.

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Greeters Ministry

Lisa Werner, President

Ria Borgnine, Co-President

To acknowledge and welcome every person new or existing into the House of the Lord with a smile, kind heart and a helping hand.

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Security Ministry

Deacon Leon Elmore, President

Minister John Collins, Co-President

To provide natural and spiritual security of the URCC congregation and it’s visitor through mentoring and training. To support the safety and welfare of the congregation, leaders and visitors and provide a stable environment within and outside URCC.

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Pastor's Aid  


Riva Mingo, President

Anthony Smallhorne, Co-president

To serve and be of support to our pastor and his immediate family in all areas in ministries with the love of God, ensuring their needs are met at all times. 


Ministry In Motion

Sis. Vanessa Prince, President

Minister Tahisha Turner, Co-President

We are a ministry equipped to utilize the gifts of the arts. Demonstrating God’s word by destroying strongholds and setting the captive free.

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Daisy Rodriguez, President

Charles Collins, Co-President

Our mission is to safely transport members and guests to our service on-time. To maintain the upkeep of all URCC owned vehicles. To provide all service of transportation in the spirit of Love.

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Walter Hoving Home


Sis. Esther Satajai, President

We are committed to ministering good tidings of the Lord unto the broken hearted. We will proclaim release and freedom to the oppressed; giving them beauty for ashes.

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Health & Wellness


To conduct health clinics to develop the awareness of our members and community. To ensure emergency support in times of need, to provide clinical training for URCC essential roles. To provide information with health and wellness clinics, ensure emergency support in decency and order and, provide proper training for URCC Ministry members.

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Keeper's of the House


Sis. Veronica Hickman, President

Deaconess Diane Mullins, Co-President

“To maintain the church buildings/grounds in a professional manner with special attention to safety. To provide a pleasant facility to worship God.”

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